How To Start a Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Business

A Step-By-Step Course to Launch, Attract Clients and Make a Profit as a Pet Sitter or Dog Walker


- Love for animals and a desire to explore or begin the journey to create a pet care business.

- Have some experience caring for your own pets, or someone else's pets.


If you're thinking about starting a dog walking or pet sitting business or you're a new dog walker or pet sitter who wants to give your pet care business a powerful boost, this 7-day course will deliver the tools and insights you need!

If you want to take your pet sitting and dog walking business goals from dream to reality in just a few days, this course is for you.

This empowering course will hold your hand through the process of start to finish as well as help you gain your first client (or more clients!) and enable you to enjoy a rewarding pet business that allows you both personal and financial freedom.

You Will Learn How To: 

  • Gain proven strategies and expert guidance to save time and money, learn which pet care services will generate top dollar and fit into your current work schedule or lifestyle.

  • Get organized with a solid roadmap for achieving goals, maximize your energy and productivity, and master the art of the client interview.​

  • Dig into marketing essentials, discover easy-to-follow website and social media tips, and create a powerful brand.​

  • Propel your pet sitting and dog walking business forward quickly and easily.

  • And so much more!

This is a supportive, fun, and effective way to start your pet sitting and dog walking business while experiencing accountability and progress to help you achieve your pet business goals.

You'll receive daily action steps to keep you moving forward and motivated, a comprehensive course materials guidebook and recommended resources. You'll discover how and when to incorporate self-care activities to keep you motivated, empowered and on track.

See what a difference just seven days can make when you begin this supportive journey as you start and grow your pet sitting or dog walking business!

Who this course is for

✔ Animal lovers who are curious about starting a pet sitting or dog walking business.

✔ Interested in starting a pet sitting and dog walking business but don't know how or where to start.

✔ Attempted to start a pet care business in the past but got stuck and need clear, step-by-step guidance or motivation.

✔ Have a day job and want to transition to being a part-time or full-time pet sitter or dog walker.

✔ Already started a pet sitting or dog walking business and want to get your first client - or many more clients.

What you'll learn

✔ Discover exactly how to launch, attract clients and make a profit.

✔ Create a hobby business, side gig, part-time or full-time pet business in only a week.

✔ Know when it's time to leave your 9-5 job to create your pet sitting or dog walking business.

✔ Utilize low-cost and free proven marketing stategies to gain new clients during and post COVID-19.

✔ Learn how to powerfully use your website and social media to quickly and easy build your client base.

✔ Align your marketing and branding with your unique vision.

✔ Identify your ideal clients and start marketing directly to them.

✔ Set up your pet sitting and dog walking business for long-term, profitable success.